My three heros are my Mom, my Grandma, and my Great Grandma!My mom is my hero because she puts up with me! :) She is my everything! She always takes me back and forth, from sports to sports! She also makes dinner and does my laundery and makes my bed! :) haha! I really apprecitate it! Even though she teases me!Great Grandma (GG) is my hero because she is the coolest person ever! She got to live a long life and got to travel to many places! I hope I get to live that long life that she did! She used to always to come to my soccer games as much as she could! I love her and miss her!Grandma is my hero because she is the best! I don't get to see her that much. She is very supporting and ALWAYS come to my soccer games even though they are 2 hours away she still takes the time to drive down to see 1 or 2 games... (All my Heros are in this Picture!!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer Games

Soccer games so far....
April 10th-
Sheldon 0-0
Corvallis 4-0
April 23rd-
Orange Crush 5-1
May 1st-
Sheldon 0-0
May 6th-
Stryckers- 1-0 ( LOST:( )
Orange Crush??? 1-0